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Ep 139: #WhiterOlympics (w/@Fatt_Stacks)

Welcome to episode 139: #WhiterOlympics (w/@Fatt_Stacks) This week, on another episode of the best podcast you’ve ever (or never) heard, Ashley (@Fatt_Stacks) is back. We asked her what she thought about the Winter Olympics…she has a lot of thoughts about the … Continue reading

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Friday Poppers 2-9-18 (Reclaiming My King)

Friday Poppers 2-9-18, Reclaiming My King Our longtime friend Erik (from Buffalo) talks life as a traveler based out of metro New Jersey. We also discuss the whitewashing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, cultural appropriation, and racial separation in … Continue reading

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Ep 138: Did Ya Get the Memo? (w/@KashannKilson)

Episode 138: Did Ya Get the Memo? (w/@KashannKilson)   Welcome to yet another episode of the best podcast in the history of the world. Kashann Kilson joins Obes and Cha to talk about last week’s political happenings, and oh what a … Continue reading

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