A Night At The Museum 

Tonight I went to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston to see their new exhibit, “The Interview: Red, Red Future”.

The post on their site talked about the things on display but there was one thing in particular that caught my attention which is the “interview” itself.

People in line to talk on the phone

The anticipation builds

The artist behind the piece, southern California based MPA, set up a telephone that, when picked up connects to her or someone else. Before I went, I didn’t quite grasp how this worked. The exhibit is to be there from tonight until early June so I thought, “hmmm maybe this is some kind of sophisticated recording.” Surely there wouldn’t actually be someone on the phone when I picked up.

There was someone on the phone when I picked up

The phone rang and a few seconds later, MPA herself answered. “This is The Interview”, she said, and away we went. We talked about how our respective fascinations with Mars started, how we should go about colonizing Mars, if we should go there at all. It was really an enthralling conversation made all the more amazing by the fact that I honestly didn’t think there’d be a real person on the other end, let alone the artist herself and, quite frankly, MPA is dope as fuck.

I left the CAMH both hype and embarrassed: hype because, wow I got to have a dope conversation with the artist who made this dope exhibit, and embarrassed because how have I lived a mile walk away from this place and never been in once?

Tonight I made amends.


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