College Basketball just changed, a LOT

Hmmm? What’s that you said? It’s lit? Now why would you say that? It’s 4pm on Wednesd-

OHHHHHHHH. So what does this mean? All those kids who wanna leave early can now go through the process, get a legitimate review of their abilities, and THEN decide whether or not they wanna go back to school. As we’ve seen, many too kids (too many kids), leave early only to find themselves undrafted and unable to go back to school because they got some bad advice from a hanger-on looking to cash in on them. On the surface, this should eliminate a decent amount of that.

On the flip side, not every school gets the type of players who would look to leave early. This is HUGE for schools like Kentucky and Duke who can now hang on to their big timers a year longer. Time will ultimately tell.

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