Ep 100: The Syria Missile Strike (w/@KashannKilson)


Daddy dropped those bombs just like you asked! See, I told you he liked you. – Ivanka, probably

The studio went mobile this week for episode 100 (!!!): The Syria Missile Strike

This week, Obes and Cha look at how United Airlines is beating up passengers and then lying about it and Obes dives into Russell Westbrook’s “engineered” triple-doubles this season. Does he really deserve MVP for neglecting half of the game to chase a stat? We also talk about what may be the new Steve Bannon-less direction of Trump’s White House with this week’s guest, Kashann Kilson (@KashannKilson). Is the missile strike in Syria a sign of things to come?

All that and more, this week on The Chicken Social.

Russell Westbrook’s “engineered” rebounds:

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