Ep 103: Get to the Money, Barack! (w/@BostonJerry)

Barack's getting to the money, so is Deshaun

The Texans finally have a QB (we hope)

Back again for episode Ep 103: Get to the Money, Barack! w/@BostonJerry

This week, Obes and Cha are once again joined by #TheCSPod Political Analyst @BostonJerry to discuss President Trump’s first 100 days in office as well as the beef people seem to have with former President Barack Obama getting paid vast sums of money to give speeches.

The boys then discover the answer to the question: at what point is talent not enough to get another chance at life, what’s the line? And, finally, Obes and Cha look at the reporting on this year’s crop of NFL QB draftees and wonder why, exactly, Mitch Trubisky went number 2 overall. Is he that good or is something else in play?

All that and more, this week on The Chicken Social.

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