Ep 116: Kaepernick, Greater Than Flacco (w/@Cianaf)


This week’s guest wrote that 7>5…turns out it’s pretty demonstrably true

Welcome to episode 116: Kaepernick, Greater than Flacco

Yes, that’s right. Cian Fahey (aka Connor McFootball himself) joined us to talk about his latest article, “Colin Kaepernick is Better Than Joe Flacco”. He also told us about why he likes Cam Newton so much and what he expects to see from him this season.

We double-dipped on the Trump Administration with 2, count em, TWO Trump related topics. First, we discussed why the Trumpkins are so hellbent on losing on healthcare reform. After that, we looked at the comically brief run for WH Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci.

Last, but certainly not least, Kyrie Irving was just seen laughing at Lebron James’ expense? What does that mean for him going forward?

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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