Ep 125: Lamar Jackson, QB1 (w/@FourVerts)

Welcome to episode 125: Lamar Jackson, QB1 (w/@FourVerts)

This week, we’re once again joined by Setting The Edge’s own Charles McDonald (@FourVerts). We talked to the young gawd about a few things, namely: why his beloved Falcons stink so soon after getting to the Super Bowl, why it is that some people (cough *Matt Miller* cough) rate Wyoming QB Josh Allen over football wunderkind Lamar Jackson, AND how he came to be rooting for the baseball team in America’s greatest city during this year’s World Series.

In addition to that wonderful goodness, Cha and Obes discussed the recent allegations of sexual assault by Kevin Spacey. In light of the accusations against him, he came out of the closet. What does it all mean? A lot, to be honest.

Last, but certainly not least, the Houston Astros are a win away from making Obes look like a prophet. Is this shit really about to happen? Also, the Texans made a bombshell trade with the Seattle Seahawks, was it a good one?

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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