Ep 128: Kyrie the MVP??? (w/@EricTrillman_)


the 2017-18 MVP? (probably not, but maybe!)

Welcome to episode 128: Kyrie the MVP???

Eric’s Back! This week, Eric Trillman aka Percy McPerson aka Young Person aka The Boy Wonder re-joins the show to discuss some NBA fodder: is Joel Embiid that nice, would Kyrie still be in Cleveland if they’d drafted Embiid, and what is his ceiling? Additionally, Eric gives his opinion on the Boston Celtics, fresh off their 15th win in a row. Can they really compete for an NBA championship this season?

Then, in this week’s Sports Zone, Obes and Cha investigate Tyrod Taylor’s benching by Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott. Is race a factor in the way Tyrod has been treated by his franchise?

Last but not least, Obes and Cha revisit an old topic. WTF is going on with the Republican Party? In light of many establishment and high level GOP officials continuing to support alleged sexual predators Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we’re forced to ask the question: is there anything a Republican could do that would make the party disavow them?

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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