Ep 130: Delusions of Grandeur 2: Gone Fisher



The man has found (supposedly) greener pastures

Welcome to episode 130: Delusions of Grandeur 2: Gone Fisher

THIS WEEK ON THE CHICKEN SOCIAL: Obes and Cha go it alone. That’s right: no guest! Show must go on though, fam. So, with that said…coaches are getting fired despite having winning records. Who do these schools think they are?! On one side, you’ve got schools like Minnesota firing themselves out of respectability. On the other hand, Texas A&M fired it’s way into Jimbo Fisher at an exorbitant cost. Will that work out the way the Aggies want?

Then, Obes and Cha take a deeper look into the proposed $89 million pledge by the NFL and the Players Coaltion. It looks great on its face: $89 million over 7 years going towards criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations, and education. But, is this deal everything that it seems? No. No, it isn’t.

Finally, the College Football Playoff rankings are out and Alabama got in over Ohio State. Was that the right decision? Again, no probably not.

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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