Ep 131: We Believe Your Allegations (w/@mshenrybabyy)

Welcome to episode 131: We Believe Your Allegations

Everyone’s favorite homegirl Mo (@mshenrybabyy) joined us this week to give a female perspective on the current national reckoning with sexual assault. More specifically, we asked her about the allegations surrounding Matt Lauer and got her opinion on why companies protect sexual abusers like him. We also asked her a very important question: when it comes to sexual assault allegations, where is the line? How many allegations before a resignation and is said resignation enough?

Obes and Cha then looked into what is quickly becoming a more and more real possibility: could Lebron James join the Rockets this offseason? And, if he did, what would that look like? Would that team be able to dethrone the Golden State Warriors?

Last but not least, today is the special election for the Alabama Senate seat between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Polls suggest the race is too close to call, but how much of a role is MASSIVE voter suppression playing in this election? Can Doug Jones really do this? Additionally, Roy Moore is a credibly accused pedophile, twice disgraced judge, and open bigot. What would say about the state of Alabama if they elected this man to be their representative in the United States Senate?

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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