Ep 132: Diddy and the Black Panthers (w/ @courtmcox)


Is he about to “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” his way into NFL ownership?

Welcome to episode 132: Diddy and the Black Panthers

Welcome back to another episode of The Chicken Social. If you’ll recall, a couple weeks ago we had @HumbleTeej on the show. This week, we had his far more accomplished and talented girlfriend Courtney Cox (@courtmcox) on the show to talk about basketball. More specifically, she went deep on Lavar Ball’s decision to put his younger two sons in a Lithuanian basketball league and whether or not that was a good idea. She also begrudgingly talked about how good the Rockets are (they are amazing).

After that, the boys turned their attention squarely on current Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. The Panthers boss is being investigated by the NFL after Sports Illustrated reported that he’d made at least 4 settlement payments to ex-employees for inappropriate sexual and racial conduct.

Richardson then announced he’d be putting the team up for sale and guess who was first in line to announce their interest in buying it? Diddy. Does he have a chance to be the next owner of the Carolina Panthers?

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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This week’s episode:

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