Ep 135: Rockets Bout That Action (w/@Fatt_Stacks)


Trevor Ariza was not here for the play play

It’s that time once again. Episode 135: Rockets Bout That Action (w/@Fatt_Stacks)

YEEEEERRRRRRRRRR. Welcome back to another episode of The Chicken Social. This week, we’re talking about Cha’s beloved Houston Rockets…THEY ARE ABOUT THAT ACTION. Chris Paul, the floor general, is taking his duties off the floor. What do we mean by that?

Then we look at Martin Luther King Jr. Day and how it annoys Obes beyond belief. How could it be that a day in remembrance and celebration of the greatest American ever could bring Obes such disdain?

And, finally, we talk to @Fatt_Stacks about Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric towards black nations and black Americans. He called Haiti and the entire African continent shitholes and thought *only* black people were on welfare. @Fatt_Stacks came to read this man for filth, blood, and everything else.

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Chicken Social.

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This week’s episode:


Intro music: “Icon” by Jaden Smith

Midroll: “No Nuclear War” by Peter Tosh

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