Ep 136: (Petty) Government Shutdown (w/@_brandoc)


Trash, all of them. Even Chuck

Episode 136: (Petty) Government Shutdown (w/@_brandoc)

Welcome to another episode of the Chicken Social, the best podcast of all time*. On this week’s episode, digital renaissance man Brandon Caldwell (@_brandoc)joins us to discuss modern media: what is and is not headline news in this day and age and what should be? Additionally, Obes asks Brandon a more philosophical question: will hip-hop ever get past it’s current homophobia?

The boys then turn their attention to a very pressing matter. The Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors have a budding rivalry, and Cha could not be happier about it. Clint Capela says the Rockets are better than the Warriors? Kevin Durant says Clint has “an easy job”? Delicious.

Last, but certainly not least, the government shutdown is (probably) over…until early February. Who are the winners and losers from Monday’s festivities? I’ll tell you this, our brothers and sisters in the Democratic Party are looking weak…again. Cha even thinks they might be in cahoots, IT’S THAT BAD.

ALSO, Obes goes deep into his vault of stories to tell you about the time he had to learn how to put a condom on wooden dildo…while blindfolded. Yea.

All that and more, this week on The Chicken Social.

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This week’s episode:


Open music: “Friday Morning” by Khruangbin

Midroll: “The God Smile” by Wale

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