Ep 138: Did Ya Get the Memo? (w/@KashannKilson)

Episode 138: Did Ya Get the Memo? (w/@KashannKilson)



Welcome to yet another episode of the best podcast in the history of the world. Kashann Kilson joins Obes and Cha to talk about last week’s political happenings, and oh what a week it was. From the Nunes memo to Trump’s naive love of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Kashann leaves no stone unturned when it comes to educating the youth of America. Additionally, though, Kashann makes a great point about what has come to be a key distinction: the GOP has not become Trump, Trump has become the GOP.

After that, Obes and Cha get into some sports (because we do both sports and politics here fam fam fam). Blake Griffin got traded to the Pistons after being told he’d be a Clipper for life and man oh man does Cha break that shit down. Also, Lebron James could go to the Rockets this offseason. The rewards are pretty clear, but Obes takes a deeper look at the risks. What could go wrong with Lebron in Houston?

All that and more, this week on The Chicken Social.

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This week’s episode:


Intro music: “You’re Everything” by Bun B

Midroll: “Tops Drop” by Fat Pat

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