Ep 49: The Black Sheep, the Black Sheep, the REAL Black Sheep


Welcome back!

This week we’re talking with someone we met at the Houston Interactive Media Assocation “Show and Tell” mixer: the Art Director at The Black Sheep Agency, Jo Skillman. Jo talks to us about:

  • her experience working on Black Sheep’s creative campaign with First Lady Michelle Obama (yea, a HOUSTON group did those vines and what not)
  • her journey from Mt. Vernon,¬†Texas to Houston (this is good stuff here), and
  • this week’s Pop Culture Flashback: just how ridiculous “Goldfinger” is (but in a mostly good way)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk shit to us, feel free to write to the show at obes@thechickensocial.com. Enjoy!

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