Ep 74: The Power of The Get Down


Obes and Cha come together once again to discuss the role of men and sexual education in ending rape culture, power dynamics in the new Netflix show “The Get Down”, and Cha goes in on “Police Academy”.

Additionally, here is the post Cha wrote a few months back about consent.

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Mahoney destroying property:

Mahoney stealing a car:


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2 Responses to Ep 74: The Power of The Get Down

  1. In regards to the discussion on sexual violence, the issue I have with the conversations surrounding Nate Parker’s situation is that people seem to completely dismiss the possibility that maybe he did sexually assault a woman in college. It goes with what you’re saying about how the responsibility is always pushed onto the victims. There’s this annoying inclination to not hear all the perspectives and actually examine and figure out the truth. Instead, people are quick to call something a lie when they don’t have the authority to make such a statement because 1. they’re not the victim, 2. they’re not the one being accused, and 3. they’re not a witness to the situation. *sigh*

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