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Problematic AF

Welcome to the Halloween edition of Your Favorite Film is Trash, a weekly look at the flaws in some of your favorite movies. This week’s film is: Revenge of the Nerds, a movie about nerds getting revenge on jocks by raping their girlfriends. Yea, that happens in this movie. Fucked up ain’t it?

Here are 3 reasons why Revenge of the Nerds is trash.

1. The nerds are criminals

So for whatever reason in this movie, the jocks have an undying hatred for the nerds (more on that in a bit). The jocks humiliate them, kick them out of their dorms, and are just general assholes to them for no apparent reason. So the nerds do what anyone would do in their situation, they rape the star QB’s girlfriend.

Yea, that happens. You remember when Lewis has sex with Betty because she thinks it’s her boyfriend Stan, because he took Stan’s Darth Vader mask?

He didn’t have her consent, that’s rape. That’s like the rape-iest of rapes.

Yea this is fucked up fam

Yea this is fucked up fam

You remember when the nerds sneak into the locker room and put liquid heat in the football player’s jock straps? Breaking and entering and invasion of privacy.

Do you also remember when they broke into the girls sorority house and install cameras to spy on them and watch them undress and do god knows what else? Illegal surveillance. Also another case of invasion of privacy. How much jail time would you get for something like that?

Robot chicken has the answer…well they AN answer, at least:

2. The jocks should probably be in jail too

I talked a bit about how the nerds pull “pranks” (read: commit crimes) as a means of getting back at the jocks. Well one of the things the jocks do is let a bunch of pigs loose in the nerds frat house while the nerds are partying with a sorority that has heavier set women. They also destroy the nerds frat house, effectively breaking it after entering it. This is illegal and I’m pretty sure the first thing might also constitute a hate crime because they are attacking women based on their weight.

The football coach will probably have to answer for physically threatening the dean and inciting his players to ransack the nerds house.

I’m not a lawyer, though, so don’t quote me on that.

Like, why?

Like, why?

3. The writers clearly never went to college

There are so many things the writers get wrong about being in college that I’m just going to list my questions here:

  • How did Lewis and Gilbert decide to go to a college they’d never visited even though it was within driving distance?
  • How is it possible that the girls never saw the cameras that nerds planted in their home?
  • Wouldn’t the nerds have called the police when they returned to see their home had been destroyed? Campus police won’t act but there are like…regular cops too right?
  • How is there such disdain for nerds at a school that has the number one computer science school in America AND has Atoms as their mascots?
  • Hell, why do they even have a football team?
  • There’s a dean of Adams College, they got any other faculty members? Where’s the athletic director? The Chancellor, the President? Is my mans out here wearing every single hat?
  • Does this football team really only have 20 dudes?
  • The president of the Greek council is decided by who wins a Greek festival…what?! How does that make any sense?
  • Why doesn’t the school have somewhere for the football players to live after they burn their own house down instead of kicking the freshmen out of their dorms?

And my last question: how the fuck does this movie have Betty Childs fall in love with the man who raped her? Like are you serious? That just slipped by without anyone noticing?

This movie is at best problematic as fuck and at worst straight basura, and there are the reasons why.

Obes is the co-host of The Chicken Social podcast. He’s also a guy that writes things from time to time both here and on Twitter. Follow him.

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