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Nuclear Kite sample bannerHello Planet.

My name is ‘Cha. Some of you may know me as the producer of The Chicken Social podcast. Others may be familiar with some of my music. The rest may have stumbled here by accident. Whatever has brought you, I’m glad that you’re here reading this.


Nuclear Kite is my outlet. It’s a place of creation; a place of production; a place for entertainment; a place to exchange knowledge. 


Everything I know in audio engineering, production, and sound design is self-taught. This unconventional method of learning has given me a unique lens in how I look at music and sound that I would love to share with the world.

The Knowledge Exchange.

I want to start a dialogue between myself, “bedroom” producers, and professionals. I want to share what I know and how I do things to those looking to learn. I also want to learn new techniques for myself. Nuclear Kite will be a great medium for me to become a part of that community.


The Studio.

As I’m sorting things out, I’m presently providing studio services for those in the Houston area. I provide recording services (vocalists, solo instrumentalists), mixing, and mastering services. For further inquiries, please contact me at

In the future I will provide mixing and mastering services for those outside of Houston via file-sharing. That is something I’m really looking forward to.


The Artists.

Love, Fresh: This is my stage name. The self-proclaimed “one man band,” I’m a 20 year-old rapper/singer, songwriter, and producer. Anyone who has heard my music will tell you how eclectic I am as an artist. My dad exposed my brothers and me to a wide variety of good music of different styles at an early age. I’m currently working on my first EP, Mind of a Recluse. Check out “Autumn Thought” the first official single off of that:


Charlie Nash: This is the rap production name of Zack Fretz. He is a very talented 18 year-old producer based out of Newark, Delaware. I have known him for a little over three years and have always been impressed by how talented he is (not just talented for his age, talented outright). I presented my plans for the Nuclear Kite sound to him and was really excited when he agreed to hop aboard. Check out his new single “Rebirth” off of his upcoming album:



I believe I am on this Earth to promote love, laughter, and positive change, and I look to do that anyway I can.


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