Friday Poppers 2-9-18 (Reclaiming My King)

Atlanta, Georgia, USA — Martin Luther King Jr. listens at a meeting of the SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, at a restaurant in Atlanta. The SCLC is a civil rights organization formed by Martin Luther King after the success of the Montgomery bus boycott. — Image by © Flip Schulke/CORBIS

Friday Poppers 2-9-18, Reclaiming My King

Our longtime friend Erik (from Buffalo) talks life as a traveler based out of metro New Jersey. We also discuss the whitewashing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, cultural appropriation, and racial separation in the modern day. You can follow Erik on Instagram @erikkkk_b


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This week’s episode:

Midroll music: “Respec” by MC i Ckan Ryme

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