How much of your success is hard work?

I was on Facebook earlier (this was my first mistake, tbh) and I came across this video of Will Smith talking about, more or less, his key to success: an absurd work ethic.

I don’t doubt his work ethic, but it’s disingenuous for him to say he’s only successful because he works hard. Will Smith is incredibly talented. It’s that level of talent COMBINED with his work ethic that makes him the great success he is today. You can’t get to where he is without both.

It makes me think back to a Twitter conversation where people talked about what was most important in being successful: luck, talent, or hard work. Most people said hard work, I vehemently disagree. The greatest key to success is luck. That doesn’t mean the type of luck that allows someone to win the lottery or hit on a bet in Vegas, it means the type of luck that allows someone’s skill set to be in vogue while they’re alive to take advantage of it.

Will Smith was born at the right time, was extremely talented, and works his ass off. It doesn’t do anyone any favors for him to pretend those first two factors didn’t play as big a role as the last.

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