Is open carry open to everyone?

So if you live in Houston (or anywhere else in the great state of Texas) you may be aware that it is now legal statewide to openly carry firearms, including assault weapons like AR-15s and AK-47s. It’s our right as Americans (and more importantly, Texans) to be able to do this. The letter of the law states that all citizens in Texas can openly carry weapons, but does the letter match the reality?

You’d have to be blind and/or willfully ignorant to be unaware that laws in this country are not applied equally to blacks and whites, especially with regard to possession of firearms. Perfect example, this video here:


Here we see the vastly different reactions police have to a white man carrying an AR-15 vs a black man doing the same. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not openly carrying any firearms anywhere. Life has shown me that my life is at risk any time any white person anywhere thinks I might be a threat to them, carrying a weapon (you know, ACTUALLY being a threat) will only exacerbate that. This actually speaks to another point for another time.

Anyway, I don’t expect to see many live blacks with assault weapons anywhere in Texas because we’ll get the reaction my mans did in the video, but what do you think? Is open carry really open to everyone?

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