Let’s remember Whitney’s National Anthem

It’s Super Bowl time once again and that means we have the national anthem to look forward to. They do it each year with a pretty good singer, the song goes through without a hitch (normally), and then we get on with the game. It’s not often that a rendition of our nation’s anthem takes center stage before our nation’s greatest athletic event but at least one time, it did.

25 years ago, Whitney Houston got on a small stage in front of an enormous audience and gave what was, in this writer’s not so humble opinion, the greatest rendition of the national anthem ever.

Such grace, such poise, such swag (fam you see that sweat suit? Play no games, Whitney), and all of this on the heels of the US entering the Gulf War. She put all of that aside and made the Star Spangled Banner hers in a way that no has before or since. I still get chills every time I hear it. Hell, I get chills just THINKING about it.

She’s no longer with us but her legacy and this performance live on. On the 25th anniversary of this amazing performance, let’s stand and remember Ms. Whitney Houston.

(Also, what a great last name, no? Houston, it’s lit.)


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