No Means F*cking No

I saw this on my Timeline today:

Zoomed in:

There seems to be confusion as to what constitutes as rape. It’s very simple:

No means no.

Literally, “No” means no. If a woman says any form of “No” (i.e. Not tonight; I don’t want to; Stop; or, your traditional “No!”) and you continue to have any form of sex with her, it is rape. It doesn’t matter when she says no. It doesn’t matter that you think there’s Braille on her body and you can somehow read it better than her. It doesn’t matter if she was “feeling it” at first and in the middle she says, “Nah.”

No means no.

Now there seems to be some confusion as to circumstances where No doesn’t in fact mean no. For example:

I’m glad you asked, Yo Boi Khujoe. And, the answer is 100 percent yes you can. I guess you didn’t understand the “any form of sex” part, but it’s cool. People don’t like reading. Let’s move on to the next one:

Well, El Chãpo (and I’m assuming “no relation” because you not bout that life fam), it actually became rape when she said, “No” as Aaron was taking off her clothes. Everything after that is just more rape. That two-dollar chain screams ’03 hip-hop misogyny, so I know this is hard for you. Just try to keep up though.


And, that’s why you finna catch a case. Keep that soap on a rope, son, because that’s a whole other issue we’ll touch on in a later post.

None of these are original thoughts at all. Give all credit to the women who have taught me better. I’m a man. I inherently don’t know a damn thing about what women have to go through. But, I listen, I empathize, and I try to relay what they teach me everyday.

Listen to women. Start with understanding that their “No” actually means no.

And, remember kids: victim blaming is for one of these…

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