OJ Simpson’s Hertz commercials are hilarious

By now, you’re well aware of OJ Simpson and his works (especially after the riveting series, The People vs OJ Simpson on FX). At the time it happened people initially said, “what? OJ? Surely you jest.”

I’m not here to proclaim guilt or innocence, what I AM here to do is point out the funny things that happen in one of OJ’s 1978 Hertz Rental Car commercials.

Ok, let’s get into it. First:


Why is he jumping? There doesn’t appear to be any impediment in his path and, even so, it’d be way easier to just *walk* around it.


Back at it again with the jumping, what did he really gain here by jumping over the railing? There are maybe 2 steps left, 3 at most. He had a better chance of tearing his ACL and ending his football career than he did at saving time on his way to get his rental car. Poor judgment, -10 points.


This part jumped out to me just because I thought it was funny. My mans is in such a huge rush to get to his LTD or other fine car that he cuts in front of a white women in line, IN 1978. She’s just minding her own business and is finally about to get the keys to her own car when OJ bum-rushes her and gets in front. What’s more, NO ONE SEEMS TO MIND.

No wonder OJ thought he wasn’t black anymore.

Last point on all this, why doesn’t OJ just book earlier flights so he doesn’t have to sprint through the airport to get his car before the rental place closes? It’s this lack of attention to detail and preparation that makes me wonder how he won that Heisman trophy in the first place. SMH.


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