Racism is trash

Salute to ESPN’s Tim Keown for writing this piece on current #BQBX Laureate (shoutout to Trill Withers) Cam Newton.

It talks a lot about how Cam lit it up this season, how he’s a very polarizing figure in the league, all the standard fare, but what I really wanna talk about is this portion about Warren Moon’s pro day that never was:


“How was your pro day?” Newton asked Moon, who had become a mentor. “You were the baddest dude back then. I bet it was outrageous.”
Cecil and Whitfield braced themselves as the question sat there, unanswered, the air in the car suddenly thick.
Eventually, Moon said, “I didn’t have a pro day.”
Newton recoiled. “Nah. Nah. That can’t be true.” Newton knew Moon’s legacy: conference player of the year at Washington, ’78 Rose Bowl MVP, threw for almost 50,000 yards in the NFL after spending the first six years of his career in Canada.
But no pro day? Confused, Newton said, “I thought they had pro days back then.”
Moon, offering the bare minimum: “They did.”
“Well, were you hurt?” Newton asked.
Newton, for once, didn’t know what to say, so he kept finding new ways to express his disbelief.
Moon interrupted: “My coaches told me the scouts wanted to see me catch passes and punts, two things I’d never done before. They told me if I didn’t want to do that, I wasn’t having a pro day. So I didn’t have a pro day.”

It’s kind of crazy to imagine that Warren Moon, the best black QB of all time and probably a top 10 all-time QB regardless of race, wouldn’t have a pro day because scouts wouldn’t give a black QB the time of day. Even crazier that he would be the guy to mentor a guy who is about to become the first black QB to win NFL MVP. Life is crazy.

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