Steph Curry must have died in that pool of sweat in Houston

2016 NBA Finals - Game Six

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

From the moment Donatas Motiejunas slid across the Toyota Center floor, leaving a path of sweat that this year’s unanimous MVP would sprain his MCL on, an impostor has been wearing number 30 for the Golden State Warriors. Why do I say that?

Pre-injury, Steph was averaging 30.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game. More importantly, he was averaging only 3.3 turnovers per game. Post injury? 25/5/5 with almost a full turnover more a game.

The Steph I watched torch the league burned centers on switches and regularly took other point guards off the dribble. This guy couldn’t get by Tristan Thompson, the guy they put in his uniform couldn’t shake Kevin Love with less than a minute to play , down 3 with the game on the line. Kevin Love. This guy didn’t know which way was up for most of the series (sometimes literally) and Steph couldn’t free up any space to shoot a game-tying three before forcing up a desperation 3.

Perhaps the worst part of Faux Steph being on the floor was him being a liability on defense and committing stupid fouls. In each the last 4 games of the NBA Finals, Steph had 3 fouls before halftime. This was because Cleveland realized they could take him out of the game by screening with whoever Steph was guarding, they would then iso Steph in the hopes of getting an easy bucket or the more desired outcome, a foul. Pre-injury Steph didn’t foul out a single game this year. He didn’t even foul out of any games. This guy fouled out of game 6 and threw a temper tantrum in addition to his mouthpiece.

I don’t know who that guy that played point guard for Oakland Golden State was but they’d be well suited to find the real Steph Curry before next season starts.

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