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Ep 112: Chris Paul is a Rocket! (w/@EricTrillman_)

Welcome to episode 112:¬†Chris Paul is a Rocket! Chicken Social contributor Eric Trillman joined us to talk the latest and greatest in this year’s NBA offseason and answer some key questions: Does Houston adding Chris Paul make them good enough … Continue reading

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Ep 91: They Paying College Athletes!?

We’re back from the dead¬†and we’re talking about paying college players…again. Obes and Cha are back from winter break(!!!) to give a recap on what they’ve been doing this whole time. Additionally, the two converse about their feelings about a … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Film is Trash: Love and Basketball

Upon further review, though, I have to say that this movie is actually trash and problematic for a few reasons. 5 reasons to be exact Continue reading

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