The 10 things I’d tweet if I hacked a major sports account

Earlier today, the official NFL Twitter account got hacked and this happened:


Kind of a serious thing, telling people that someone’s dead when they aren’t BUT, it got me thinking. What would *I* tweet if I hacked a major sports account? Here are 10 such potential tweets.

10. Magic Johnson is and always has been better than Michael Jordan

9. Air Bud is a stupid movie. How’s a dog gonna dribble a basketball? Are you serious? COME ON!

8. I like cheese, I like chicken, and I like cheesy chicken.

7. A stack a week is actually $26k a year

6. Roger Goodell was trying to buy CBS

5. I dry my hands with decorative towels and there’s nothing you can do about it

4. They let Air Bud play football too. Why wouldn’t you just pick the dog up and play with him so he couldn’t run routes? DUMB!

3. The Warriors are better than the Showtime Lakers



What would YOU write? Leave it in the comments below OR tweet it to your boy aka me at @TheCSPod

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