This is not a great time to have student loans

You may have heard but I’m gonna talk about it anyway. Paul Akers, a Houston resident, was arrested recently by 7 US Marshals for failing to pay a 29 year old college loan. Akers says that he was unaware he still owed any money and that he thought he had paid it off. This isn’t really relevant to me.

What IS relevant is the lengths to which the law is apparently now going to apprehend and force debtors to pay back their loans. I assume the Dept. of Education is feeling a budget crunch (in which case, there are better ways to increase revenue). This is, frankly, ridiculous. 7, count em, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 US Marshals showed up, armed to bear, to this man’s house over $1,500. I can’t imagine what must have been going through dude’s head as this was going on. He’s sitting at home minding his own business when he finds himself surrounded by 7 armed lawmen? That had to have been a harrowing experience.


All these guns over $1,500? Damn.

You know what’s really crazy to me (and shows just how Texas this thing is)? Mr. Akers came outside, then went back in announcing he was going to get his firearm. He then had a 2 hour standoff with the Marshals before eventually getting arrested without further incident. That’s…yea. Wow.

FOX26 says they estimate that 1200-1500 more people will be served warrants in a similar manner to Mr. Akers. This means 1200-1500 more people will be shitting themselves over their student loans as US Marshals come to their front doors. I hope y’all are on top of your payments, I really do.

Stay safe.


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