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Hailing from Southeast Houston, Doeman is a promising Latino rapper that hasĀ  been picking up major steam in the city and you might not have heard about it. The self proclaimed Mexican Biggie has had a solid buildup over the past few years, putting out back to back projects with collaborations from big names on the scene like Propain, Maxo Kream, and Devin The Dude to name a few. In fact, considering the rapper’s latest run, he should be in your music library right now. Every track he produces is stacked with bars he slings relentlessly while stringing them together to form a clever soliloquy explaining the life and times of a man from the barrio.

By just listening to Doeman, you wouldn’t know that he’s actually Mexican American, and to me that’s what makes him great. It’s not his main shtick. He’s not a Latino rapper so much as he’s a rapper who also happens to be Latino, and that’s important in many forms of art like this. Rap is mainly dominated by Black males so it can’t be understated especially living in America that Doeman has that added crux of being a Latino in this rap game. To do well in an industry where you’re different and basically the odd man out you have to be much better than the competition, but luckily he rises to the occasion.

On his new project released this February called O.B.E., or Outer Body Experience, Doeman strives to make listeners metaphorically come out of their bodies to connect to and relate with his life through his rhymes. Laced with a plethora of acronyms throughout, his album comes with a style that strays from typical Houston design and instead holds more likeness to the classic 90s sound that many young rappers coming up are beginning to pull from in excess. One of my favorite songs on the project, “Illusions,” is a conversation he had with his drug-dealing friend who tries to keep him on the straight and narrow path by explaining to him that his life isn’t as glamorous as it seems. With Doeman’s confidence and hunger that he displays bar for bar, he comes in as one of the most near-to-blow rappers out right now. You can stream O.B.E. below, and go ahead and crank up that free 3-month Apple Music trial if you haven’t already to cop the album here.



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