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King Finn 3

At first glance, these guys may look like a carefree bunch that just get together to make great music but in reality there’s more to the group than meets the eye. King Finn is a Houston indie rock band comprised of a close-knit crew of 4, all of which are instrumental in creating eclectic and spirited tunes bearing a quite personal nature. Although their debut EP As Part of Me was released last year, this band has actually been active since 2009 under a different guise, only going on to form King Finn three years ago due to the direction of guitarist Alan Huynh. Once an influential member of the band and other areas of the Houston music scene, Huynh recently passed away this year and the band suffered a great loss. One that is still fresh on their minds. However, with over pouring support from friends, family, and the community alike, King Finn remained strong and is continuing to compose for Huynh’s legacy.

As Part of Me is a 6-track project that reveals the band’s expertise in producing lively vocals fixed over sophisticated guitar and drum work. The whole EP encompasses the band’s objective to create music that touches people’s lives positively while also keeping in tune with APOM’s theme of displaying the connections and bonds shared among the members. For instance in the track “Bond,” the band takes us on their more heartfelt trek of struggle and allows us a firsthand look through the song’s melody into personal tribulations they’ve experienced. Then following right after, listeners are quickly picked up on “Invincible,” and encouraged that with companionship, they can take on anything that stands in their paths. I love the fact that such a message can be effectively carried without being drowned out by hard rock instrumentals. Everything is kept in balance track by track. Needlessly to say, I’ll be surprised if you don’t find yourself unknowingly humming a tune or two in the shower.

King Finn is a dynamic and energetic group both in the studio and live in person. I’m very optimistic about this band’s future, since they already have a nice support system here in the town. Ride the wave that is King Finn by listening to As Part of Me below and grab the project on iTunes here. And catch King Finn’s next performance on the big stage at the Free Press Summer Festival this weekend on June 4th. Happy Thursday.



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