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Rose Ette

The Houston-based Indie band Rose Ette fulfilled its task in combining clever guitar work and smooth vocals to create a melody of sound, fuzzy-pop, and an art that didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, the whole time I listened to the four member group it felt like I was up in the clouds or on some random tropical island, although the occasional climatic uproar from both guitarists broke up the soothing and tender ambiance.

Lead vocalist Teresa Vicinanza took my mind and soul away to a more pacific place devoid of any discord, the same type of harmonious and psychedelic feels that bring you back mentally to the ever-so political era of the 60s when these kind of feels were often on display. The band’s recent album “Jungle” is succinct but effective in creating a light and positive tune from beginning to end that lifts you up and always has you looking forward. As I was listening, being an avid watcher of Anime I had to frequently remind myself that this isn’t J-pop (i.e. Japanese pop) I’m hearing since J-pop has some of its roots in indie rock. I can definitely see this band making an indelible mark on the indie rock climate in the near future. But without further ado, below is Rose Ette’s recent release “Jungle” for your listening pleasure:



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