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If there’s one rapper out right now who’s been making plenty of waves on the scene and you may not have heard of, it’s Houston-turned-LA rapper GC.

His recent project Grown Ass Child places his clever flow and refined rhymes together on center stage through the course of a 9 track EP. He expends his time covering many aspects of his journey through young adulthood as well as his journey as an underground artist in this world. Ever since I began listening to GC years ago, his style has drawn many comparisons to famous artists currently in the game, but on this project, he still strives to prove he is as unique and original as any up and coming rapper.

Grown Ass Child resembles a coming of age story more than anything else. Each track gives us a relatively tame glimpse into a struggle or conflict GC has experienced or currently is dealing with on the road to being on top of the rap game.

The project starts off with the song “Root of all Evil,” which describes just how determined GC is to come up and make a name for himself musically. It also really sets the mood of the rest of the tape because this same element is displayed in just about every following track; that is the motif of taking a leap of faith into this industry, putting all your cards on the table, and hoping for the best.

You can find a little bit of everything in this tape though: there’s a song of reflection (Attitude), a track you can jam at your next kickback (WAVE emoji), a song praising your special lady (Melanin Monroe), and of course your typical “can I talk my ish” song (Baby Steps). Throughout GC remains engrossed in the bars above all, and in year 2017 it’s refreshing to still see artists putting attention to detail in their lyrics and not falling into this new wave of “mumble rapping”.

In the rap game, there are many different lanes you can hop on to appeal to listeners. For example, you can be lyrically focused, which some are quick to write off with the negative connotation of “backpack rappers”, you can share anecdotes of past drug dealing, weed smoking, molly-popping, robbing, and all of what comes with that lifestyle, or you can croon about chasing women and dealing with your main, exes, and all of your sides. You can even be a rapper that does all of the above and more (or at least tries to). However, at the core there are really only two types of rappers to me: there’s the one that tells you the truth and one who doesn’t.

Now of course there’s enough embellishing to go around for everyone, especially in this day and age of the art form, but for me to really be involved with your music, I need to be able to believe you. There are not too many people out right now that I can wholeheartedly say, that when the lights are off and the cameras stop flashing, they live out the life in their raps. But I say all of that to say this: I believe GC. He doesn’t come off as someone putting on airs or someone who stole another person’s entire image and is telling their story instead of their own. Nor does it seem like he’s trying too hard to get your attention; it’s just seems like GC, personified.

Now without further ado, go ahead and get better acquainted with GC by checking his latest mixtape Grown Ass Child below. You can follow him at @ThatGoodNick on Twitter and connect with him on his website



Twitter: @GotMarks

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