Time Magazine just made Time great again


They even got him with the cornrows. Could this be anymore lit?

Time Magazine just got themselves another reader (for this next issue, I don’t read Time nor have I seen it anywhere recently. Man I’m typing a lot in these parentheses…).

Shoutout to Time MagazineĀ for putting Colin Kaepernick on the cover of their fantastic and exemplary publication. (Is there a better magazine than Time? Yes, probably. Moving on…)

The real joy, though? The responses to Kap’s Time cover and then the responses to the responses to Kap’s Time cover.

Here are a couple that I really loved:

It’s also extremely lit that the article associated (that you can read right here) actually discusses Kap’s reasons for protesting and destroys the notion that it’s un-American to do so. There’s nothing more American than telling the powers that be that they can go fuck themselves.

That’s what makes America “great”, is it not?

It took balls to put such a polarizing figure on the cover of their magazine. I’m glad there’s at least one publication that still has any.

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  1. Gee says:

    So true! Hope Time Magazine sets a precedence.

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