Well, that sucked

Super Bowl 50 was played yesterday featuring my quarterback and yours, Cam Newton, vs probable HGH user, Peyton Manning. The Panthers offensive line got mauled, their receivers couldn’t catch the ball, and ultimately Cam couldn’t make enough plays to win the game. This sucks for two big reasons:

  1. Cam winning the Super Bowl (and likely the Super Bowl MVP to go along with it) would’ve locked up February 2016 as the greatest Black History Month of all time. As it stands, that’s still up for grabs but this year’s candidacy has definitely taken a hit. This is important because I enjoy being alive when history is made so I can look down on younger people in the future and say, “yea I remember when that happened, you young kids will NEVER experience anything like that in your life” (yea, I’m kind of petty but I digress)


    “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK”-Cam Newton after Super Bowl 50, probably

  2. The Denver Texans, excuse me Denver Broncos, won with coaches that the Houston Texans decided couldn’t get it done. If you watched the game, you saw a defense that looked a lot like that one Wade Phillips ran in Houston. You also saw an offense that looked remarkably similar to the one Gary Kubiak ran in Houston. Strange that they’d get run out of town here in Texas only to hoist the Lombardi trophy in Denver. Maybe the Texans messed that one up. Maybe. Probably. Ok yeah they did. The only real difference I can see in these Broncos versus those Texans is these guys have a living breathing QB instead of Matt Schaub. If only they would’ve taken Peyton Manning when he came calling instead holding on to Scrub Schaub.

Sigh, oh well. There’s always next year


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