We’ve all missed the biggest sign of Mike Jack’s greatness

If you didn’t know, now you know, your boy is a big Michael Jackson fan. I loved the music, the clothes, the glove, the dancing (didn’t love the pedophile allegations but my mans beat them charges so get tf OUT OF MY FACE) allat. The man was the biggest musical artist ever, way bigger than the Beatles which is a group whose songs were owned by…Michael Jackson (LIT).

However, there’s one thing that I feel gets lost in any discussion of the man’s greatness:

…Michael Jackson became lightskinned and then white and people loved him so much that no one seemed to care.

Full disclosure, your mans is only 26 years old and the internet didn’t exist in MikeJack’s heyday but this is my blogpost and what I’m saying here is gospel, but I digress.

Think about how big you have to be to put out one album on which you are very clearly a chocolate complexioned man

Yea, that’s a real tiger


(Thriller, which sold more copies than a beach has sand) and then, ON THE VERY NEXT ALBUM, you are what can only be described as NAACP President-esque and the reaction to that is, “…huh, yo BAD is fresh.”*

Tell me he isn’t the same complexion as Julian Bond right here

Your fave could never.



*I’m pretty sure this is how people in the 80’s talked, just roll with it, family.



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