Ep. 109: Who Can Beat Golden State? (w/ @LyndsayALee)

Golden State

Kevin Durant – Champion

Welcome to episode 109: Who Can Beat Golden State? (w/ @LyndsayALee)

On this week’s episode, Lyndsay Lee, former ESPN television producer and Rivals.com head of social media, joins us to discuss ESPN’s new feature “The Shop”. We talked to her about Lebron James’ contention that Tom Brady couldn’t be the best athlete of all time and try to decide who might be. We also discussed the difference between being good at something versus being passionate about it as we try to figure out how, as Draymond Green states, there are a lot of NBA players who don’t know how to play basketball.

Next, Cha and Obes look back at the NBA Finals to try to figure out what moves teams could make to beat the Golden State Warriors.

Finally, we discuss, among other things, how all of this year’s playoffs could’ve been avoided if OKC wouldn’t have panic-traded James Harden to Houston.

All that and more, this week on the Chicken Social.

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