Why do we want “average” presidents?

I woke up this morning, as you do, and I started my day with this nifty video from Cracked.com:

After watching it, and seeing this tweet from noted Twitter genius, Mark Ennis:

I got to thinking, why do people want a president who is just like them?

Let’s be honest for a second, most of us are not smart enough or anywhere near qualified to be President of the United States. Presidents are all very accomplished people: lawyers, senators, governors, smart people. They’re the type of people that we all went to high school with and knew would be destined for greatness.

Now let’s look at you. You’re not stupid but you’re not exactly a genius either. You’re probably in that 68% of people that represent one standard deviation from the mean. You’re average or close to it. Think about the phrase, “if you knew better, you’d do better” You don’t, and thus, you can’t. I don’t say this to be mean, but you can’t be president because you’re not smart enough.

With that said, why would you want someone like THAT to represent an entire country on the global stage? Our elected officials represent all of us, why wouldn’t you want the best possible person in that role? Why would you settle for a C-student when the valedictorian is available?

Every election year, every candidate running for president tries to show that they’re “just like you” or that they’re the type of person you could have a beer with. This is stupid. When you’re at the bar, have you ever looked around and thought, “man I’d be happy with any one of these people being the leader of the free world.” Hmm, what’s that? You said, “fuck no”? Oh word, me neither.

Being POTUS is an elite position that should be filled by an elite person. We should stop pretending otherwise.

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