Your Favorite Film Is Trash: Beverly Hills Cop 2


It’s Eddie Murphy month here at The Chicken Social and we’re closing it out with another classic: Beverly Hills Cop 2, the cop film that, much like the Godfather trilogy, has a sequel better than the original and third film I like to pretend never happened. Talk about trash, Beverly Hills Cop 3 is a damn dumpster fire.


Beverly Hills Cop 3

But I digress BHC2 is a fun time, a very flawed fun time. Here are 3 reasons why Beverly Hills Cop 2 is trash.

1. All of the guns sound like cannons, no matter what caliber they are. 

One thing that popped out at me (and nearly made me go deaf) is how loud the weapons are in BHC2. For example, we find our protagonist Axel Foley at a Beverly Hills gun club when he decides the fake gun in the booth just isn’t gonna cut it:

That’s really fucking loud. Now, full disclosure, guns *are* loud, my issue is this movie makes it seem like every gun sounds like an assault rifle. Let’s do a comparison. Here’s a clip with a real shot from a handgun:

That’s significant. Now, here’s a handgun being fired at the end of BHC2:

LMAO, not only is she killed by that shot, she’s sent flying like she got hit by a cannon ball.


I know everyone in the 80s was snorting copious amounts of cocaine but this is a bit much.

2. No one else in the department recognizes Axel when he walks into the Beverly Hills Police Department

The name of this film is Beverly Hills Cop 2, which means there’s a Beverly Hills Cop 1, which means this isn’t the first time Axel has worked out of his jurisdiction in Detroit to help solve a case. With that in mind, shouldn’t there be *someone* in that building that recognizes Axel from the last time he was there? Now I recognize that 3 years have passed between films and police departments do have some turnover, but this particular department is based in Beverly Hills (as the name would indicate). It seems to me that they’d have less turnover than most departments because their jurisdiction is far safer than most and they probably earn more than most other departments.

The case that Axel worked got the attention of the old police chief, as well as several other cops on the force as at least 2 other cops besides Sergeant John Taggart, Detective Billy Rosewood are assigned to follow Axel around to make sure he isn’t interfering with any BHPD cases. I’d bet those other 2 cops (whose cars he damaged by putting a banana in the tailpipe) remember him and would’ve said something to the new police chief upon seeing him in the police station. Speaking of the new police chief…

3. How is Harold Lutz a police chief?

One of the more notable things about this movie is how often new police chief Harold Lutz threatens to fire or suspend one of his officers. In fact, the first time we see Lutz, hes suspending one of his Captains for reaching out to the FBI for help on a case. It’s no surprise that at the end, chief Lutz gets fired after yet another outburst.

My question…how the hell did this guy get hired in the first place? In the first movie, under the old chief, we hear how everything in Beverly Hills is done “by the book”. That chief doesn’t seem to have any issues with the mayor or anyone else, so why did this new mayoral administration feel the need to completely start fresh and sweep out the entire old police department when they came in? And, if you’re going to do that, why tie yourself to an idiot like Lutz? One thing a mayor is judged on is how the police force operates on his watch, it’s absurd that the mayor would hire someone who only knows how to tell people to shut up and can’t spot an obvious con like Axel’s “Johnny Wishbone” character.

Really? You can’t tell he just made that up on the spot? Trash.

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